For the avoidance of doubt, this track is utterly wonderful. But it’s also utterly bonkers and I spent much of the first couple of listens shaking my head at how “wrong” this was. But it’s sooo right.” - Acid Ted
Corneau puts forth his own signature approach and it makes the listening experience intriguing and adventurous” - Robert Duguay

Founded in 2021 by Scott Corneau, Blacklight Beat Patrol is a Rhode Island-based studio electronica band aiming to make its mark within the genre. The band is dedicated to breaking conventional boundaries, emphasizing experimentation and exploration to create a unique musical identity.

With its sights set on releasing an eagerly awaited album in 2024, Blacklight Beat Patrol is ready to push further into the dynamic world of electronic music. The upcoming release promises to introduce audiences to new and inventive soundscapes, highlighting the band's ongoing journey through electronic music's ever-changing terrain.

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 “Startup Sounds” (March 2022): The debut EP that blends '80s Wave and sci-fi elements, delivering immersive soundscapes that move beyond traditional storytelling. Born from an initial concept of interstellar adventures, the project focuses on the auditory experience, inviting listeners into a world that merges electronic music with complex orchestration. This experimental approach showcases a departure from the artist's original story-driven concept, favoring a pure, sound-driven approach that captivates through its unique blend of past and future sounds.

At the heart of the EP is "Professor Peculio," a track that embodies the essence of the collection. It delves into the psyche of a scientist turned robot, struggling to preserve sanity as consciousness fades within a mechanical shell, racing to find a cure. This piece illustrates the EP's core—venturing into new sonic landscapes, balancing between the comfort of the familiar and the thrill of the novel.

"Faulty Uplink" (August 2023): Shortly after releasing "Startup Sounds," Blacklight Beat Patrol embarked on the creation of their first full-length album. This new project signified a deeper dive into the electronic music realm, maintaining the innovative approach that characterized their previous work. "Faulty Uplink," celebrated for its eclectic mix of sounds and inventive flair, garnered positive reactions from both listeners and critics alike. Among its admirers, Robert Duguay from Culture Beat commended the album for its bold exploration and distinctive position within the music scene, highlighting its adventurous spirit and uniqueness.

"Sundays and Flapjacks" (December 2023): Building on the momentum from "Startup Sounds," Blacklight Beat Patrol released this single from their upcoming 2024 album, further demonstrating their knack for fusing various genres into an exhilarating, unified auditory journey. Acid Ted, a respected electronic music blog, hailed the track as both "utterly bonkers" and "utterly wonderful," perfectly encapsulating the essence of Blacklight Beat Patrol's innovative spirit, promising a blend of nostalgia and the unexpected.