Review: Fame Magazine

 "Blacklight Beat Patrol has been a trailblazer in the U.S. electronic music scene. Their experimental approach and commitment to pushing boundaries have earned acclaim for redefining genre expectations.
Sundays and Flapjacks delivers a nostalgic yet groundbreaking sound, providing a unique…

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Review: The Further

 “Blacklight Beat Patrol’s instrumental piece is a sonic adventure unlike any other. From the moment the music begins, listeners are transported into a world of vibrant soundscapes and pulsating beats."

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Review: Obscure Sound


“Sundays and Flapjacks is wholly enveloping, and has us looking forward to the incoming Whispers from the Void."

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Review: Plastic

“It’s one hell of a ride through a vivid electronic world where powerful rhythms and shifting instrumental hues collide in spectacular fashion, all wrapped up in sensational sound design.”

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Review: Os Garotos de Liverpool

"Leaving no one standing still for a second, this sample of waiting in "Whispers from the Void", the band's next album, also goes through experimental, glitch, soundscape, synthwave, EDM/IDM and leftfield."

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Review: Acid Ted

“For the avoidance of doubt, this track is utterly wonderful. But it’s also utterly bonkers and I spent much of the first couple of listens shaking my head at how “wrong” this was. But it’s sooo right. And it’s less…

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News: Robert Duguay of Culture Beat

“… around “The Ocean State,” there are only a few of these folks exhibiting this particular genre. With this in mind, it was very refreshing to stumble upon Blacklight Beat Patrol’s debut full-length release “Faulty Uplink”

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Review: TJPL

“Blacklight Beat Patrol Unveils 'Sundays and Flapjacks' - A Synthesis of Nostalgia and Innovation”

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Available in physical copy in Issue 16 currently listed as “Next Issue” as a presale. Order here…

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Review: 1111CR3W

"Pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Blacklight Beat Patrol continues their journey of innovation and experimentation, promising a listening experience that is both nostalgic and groundbreaking."


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"Immerse Yourself In The Mesmerizing World Of Electronic Music With Blacklight Beat Patrol's Single, "Sundays And Flapjacks."


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Review: IGGY Mag

"Blessed with an innovative spirit, Blacklight Beat Patrol seem to have a knack for making the impossible possible. And so, in the face of such fervor for the style he promotes, we can't help but take our hat off to…

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